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what is rethinking . . .

We are all original thinkers.  

We draw our own unique conclusions from what the world uniquely throws at us.

We all have our own religious, political, economic and social views.

rethinking is not about just challenging those views - but about continuously challenging the assumptions we didn't know we made when coming to our conclusions.

Cameron GordonPersonal rethinking:

At 46 I had a stroke leaving me unable to speak, move or write.  

That meant I couldn't work - so all I could do was think.

But because I wasn't working I had very little to think about - so I started to rethink.


Professional rethinking:

Organisations evolve - and just like us humans, the present is built on mutations and changes in the past.

But when the environment changes faster than the organisation, legacy assumptions get carried forward.

This is the time for rethinking.

Rethinking does not presuppose the conclusion, it merely looks to see if the "givens" are still applicable - and if they're not, then how things could be different.

If I can help you to do this, please send me text or call and leave a message: 07979 64 69 98


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